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Test Procedure 3 Batteries may be fully charged. The on-board clug fuse link provides additional protection for the vehicle charging circuit. Disconnect battery wires as shown FigurePage As the engine owner, you should however be aware that CLUB CAR may deny warranty coverage if your engine or a part has failed due to abuse, neglect, improper maintenance club dead pdf download unapproved modifications.

Install the ball joint on the ball club dead pdf download at the accelerator pedal FigurePage The engine, drive clutch, belt, and driven clutch rotate in one direction only, and the transmission is used to reverse vehicle direction.

Page 72 FigurePage Depress the brake pedal slightly, and with the club dead pdf download brake ratchet oriented so that the tip of the ratchet is pointed toward the rear of vehicle, slide the ratchet onto the pivot rod do not slide the ratchet onto the pivot rod splines. Connect the alligator downlad of a continuity tester Club Car Part No. Place the jack under the transaxle and raise the vehicle enough to remove the jackstands. Install the new main jet and tighten it to in.

Improper charging of a vehicle due to the use of club dead pdf download battery charger model not approved by Club Car for use with the vehicle.


Page Crankshaft Inspection, Continued: Place a bearing puller wedge attachment Club Car Part No. When the club dead pdf download level in the crankcase is low, the oil sending unit closes the circuit to the ground and illuminates the oil light. Removing the Controller 1. Receptacle Fuse Pd Assembly Figure 1.

Club Car XRT 850 Owner’s Manual

Got it, continue to print. Clean terminals and wash dirt from casing, check Battery electrolyte level See Section If it shows less than Page Accelerator Rod Installation and Adjustment 1.

The fuse that was on the yellow wire has been incorporated into the circuitry of the on-board computer. Remove head gasket 3.

Live at the Deaf Club – Wikipedia

Main Solenoid Control Circuit, Continued: If a press is not available, secure a bearing puller Club Car Part No. The 5tory club dead pdf download the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem featured Daft Club as a second disc. Disconnect the AC cord white wire at the primary coil.

Tester should show continuity bulb should light. Main Cluster Disassembly, Continued: Hydrometer test results were as follows: Disconnect accelerator cable by removing the retaining E-ring 3 and then slipping the cable off the short end of the governor arm.

Any vehicle not functioning correctly should be removed from use until it is properly repaired. The club dead pdf download is the source of power for the system.

Club Car Gasoline Service Manual

Carefully lift each end of the transaxle off of its positioning pin on the leaf spring and slide club dead pdf download trans- axle to the rear and out of the vehicle.

Steering Column Installation, Continued: The battery on the DS gasoline car is a volt, low maintenance battery.

Recycle or club dead pdf download of discarded batteries in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. When storing the battery, keep in a cool place See Battery Storage, Page Connect the bus bar from the fuse links to the right post of the ammeter.

OBC data can also be useful in performing electrical system diagnostics.