Page 43 Ethernet settings and parameters XE. Show all Xv zip Xe. Advanced Installation and Adjustment This chapter describes installation and adjustment procedure for X series industrial printers. Printing A Configuration Report It allows users or engineers to verify and debug the program. Printer Utility, Font Utility. When using Ethernet model printer, please wait till the Ready Indicator to stop blinking, before starting printer operations.

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Enter Printer name i. Push down the peel-off mechanism release lever and lead the media under the peeler module. The LCD displays this message: Figure 3 Cutter Note: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Find a to lay down the blade by turning x1000v, screw counter-clockwise. Argox x1000vl section can be referred to, for Argox x1000vl to use transfer thermal printing.

The front panel includes: It is to control cut Argox x1000vl screwdriver actions of guillotine cutter. Print Head Print Line Position Print Head Print Line Position When the label only exhibits locally inferior printing quality and the ribbon is not wrinkled, the position of the argox x1000vl head shall be adjusted, and the adjusting position is x10000vl as Fig. Printer Utility, Font Utility. Got it, continue to print. Show all Xze Xe.

Print Head Pressure Printing quality can be fine adjusted based on which area on the label the argox x1000vl quality discrepancy is located. The front panel includes: A bit Argox x1000vl microprocessor provides print speeds up to 4ips, which is ideal for zrgox printing requirements.

Argox X-1000VL User Manual

Make sure the peeler sensor is out of the argox x1000vl path when installed. Parallel Centronics The parallel port is a standard argox x1000vl Centronics connector.

Clean the print head as follows: Then select proper settings via Seagull Driver for printer. Label-less Calibration Value After the related files have been copied to your system, click “Finish”.

The argox x1000vl assignment of serial cable is different from PC. Refer to the following examples. Rotary Cutter with Paper Jam If there is paper jam inside rotary cutter, refer to Rotary Argxo Argox x1000vl section to remove the rotary cutter.

Argox X Industrial Label Printer.

Centronics allows a much higher communication speed than serial. Windows ServerR2,R2, and W mm x H mm x D mm. Button Function 1 Function 2 Press the button and Table Of Contents 6. Select the port of the printer and click “Next”.

Turn on the printer. Print Head Print Line Position When the label only exhibits locally inferior printing quality and the ribbon is not wrinkled, the position of the print head shall be adjusted, and the adjusting position argox x1000vl zrgox as Fig. Argox x1000vl Wrinkle Printing Wrinkle During printing, argox x1000vl may argox x1000vl and cause abnormal printing quality. The FEED button does not make the printer peel. Unwrap the ribbon and separate the ribbon roll from the bare core.

Then install the ribbon Please contact your local Argox reseller if you need this cable.

It is critically important nowadays to keep every part argox x1000vl product in the warehouse under electronic tracking system. X series printers use ribbon wound ink-side in as default.

Another way is to turn off printer power, and then restart printer. Turn off the printer, connect the keyboard and then turn on the argox x1000vl.

Printer Maintenance X1000vo Maintenance Vertical streaks in the printout usually argox x1000vl a dirty or faulty print head.

Argox X-1000VL Industrial Barcode Printer

arbox Roll-feed, die-cut, continuous, fan-fold, tags, ticket in thermal paper or plain paper and fabric label. Argox x1000vl Function Setting Procedure The following procedure is an example of setting procedure to direct thermal printing mode: It is applicable with printer models: Choose Industrial Barcode Printers on the screen, go to X product page, click on version of Seagull driver and then start installation Page 54 Ethernet indication: An argox x1000vl switch argox x1000vl the printer for use with either inside or outside coated ribbons, and an adjustable ribbon guide stabilizes the ribbon during printing.

On the other hand, to be efficient argox x1000vl operations so customers can be checked out fast is equally important than other factors described above.

Check whether you have received the following accessories together with the printer.

Adjust Position Of Label Sensor Adjust Position of Label Sensor Function of the label sensor is to detect the gap, notch, or holes of labels, argox x1000vl help the printer for accurate print positions and label length.