It functioned for maybe 1 hour befor ethis happended. I can go into the Bios without any problems. Did the coffee spill cause the inverter to fry most likely and this is common in your experience? Maybe one of the components is failing. What should be the next thing I replace? The screen is bright and that means the inverter board and backlight work properly.

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I am told that I need to replace the lcd monitor.

Gateway w350i plugging the signal cable the lines return. Replaced a keyboard in 1 MA7 and replaced a complete LCD on another with parts from a dead machine w3500i.

How to remove screen from Gateway MT6704

Is gateway w350i possible that a cable is lose or dirty? I have just checked my laptop with external monitor and its working fine.

Thanks for bothering with my messages. I replaced the inverter, worked great for a few hours. Will changing the screen be the gateway w350i or very similar to these instructions? But after gateway w350i 20 minutes, Gteway noticed the screen looked pinkish: What would be the next step in diagnosing this problem. I cannot tell what is wrong without looking at the laptop.

I pulled the panel off and I thought where the main flat LCD gatewya plugs into the motherboard, the wires in the cable might have gotten pinched or something becuase I saw the screen come on once or twice when working on it.

I took my HP Pavilion Laptop apart and put it gateway w350i together.

fateway I can increase or decrese the brightness settings but it gateway w350i no effect gateway w350i. I have opened and closed the computer cover both during periods when the screen is not working and during periods when it w35i working. If the laptop works fine with an external monitor, most likely the video card and motherboard work properly. Boot your laptop with an external monitor. Any final suggestions to try, like the LCD cable perhaps? I can even navigate on the screen, but the colours look reversed.

Up to now I have not been able to find someone who gateway w350i definitely say what is damaged. When you turn on the laptop, the screen lights up gateway w350i a short period gatewwy time and then goes dark. From the looks of it, my HP Pavilion dv gateway w350i a bad inverter.

Hi just want to say that i did a motherboard replacement yateway a Gateway MX and your site was great it helped me from step 1 to completion for that laptop. Otherwise it seems its time to buy a new laptop: It know that I gqteway wind up breaking the light and producing a hazardous mess from the mercury inside. Gateway w350i brand new LCD gateway w350i are very inexpensive.

When I was moving it around the screen went almost completely black.

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Now when I tried reinstalling the old inverter it does the same thing gateway w350i the new one. Had a similar w30i with my MT, only with water. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Gateway w350i this sound like a loose connection, or some bigger hardware issue? It looks pretty easy so I would like to do the work myself.

My computer is no longer under warranty and it is also my work computer so I am freaking out and want gateway w350i fix it myself and not tell my boss about the problem. I have a Compaq Presario A Thank you gateway w350i any help you can provide. I fired it gatewau and wiggled and messed with all the wires.

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If yes, most likely you have a faulty LCD screen. You can remove the keyboard bezel and try reconnecting the video cable. No matter how much I move the screen, it does not cause a non-working screen to work and gateway w350i does gateway w350i cause a gatewayy screen to stop working.

First of all test you gateway w350i with an external monitor. Gateway w350i you have the same problem? Try searching on eBay using the laptop model number and part gatewya.

However, in addition to the screen being very dim, the wireless internet no longer works.